DSD Accounting Service
We are leading
National company
with global reach
Information security management system of DSD accounting complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standart.
Official member of the Integra International Association since September 2021, which allows us to solve Clients’ inquiries at the international level.
The level of provision of accounting, reporting and tax consulting services at "DSD" complies with international quality management standard STB ISO 9001-2015, dated September 13, 2021.
The First place in the category "Company reliability" and the Third place in the ranking "TOP Аccounting Outsourcing Companies" from BIK Ratings agency
Our activities and related risks are insured in JSC "Promtransinvest" on the amount of 220,000 USD. We guarantee the refund of fines if they occur through our fault.


We understand the specifics of foreign business
and know how to explain you the peculiarities
of work in the Republic of Belarus.

231 Customers*

(as of October 1, 2021)


work experience in international business




of Customers are representatives of the IT sphere


of Customers are engaged in international business


of Customers are subsidiaries of foreign organizations

*54 Customers
are residents
of the Hi-Tech Park


We analyze the needs of our customers, and therefore:

We speak and write English*

* not every DSD employee speaks English fluently, but they learn and master their skills
We explain the peculiarities of work in Belarus in plain language.
We guarantee to make timely tax payment and reporting according to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
We provide management accounting statements according to the U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and many other standards.
We are always available.

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Accounting Tax
Occupational Health and Safety Legal services Outstaffing Transformation of local accounting into international standards

Features of DSD

Cloud storage of documents

Archival depository for electronic copies of the documents: contracts, personnel, reports, balance sheets - you can find all you need at any time.

Systematic reminders:

- about the termination of contracts and probation periods,
- about types and terms of taxes and HTP feesneed to be paid,
- about the documents to hand in.

Internal control system

Internal auditors inspect the Customers' accounting and documents, which we send to the state authorities.

The interaction documents in two languages

The Contract, Interaction Rules, statements of salary, registers of issues, associated with the documents, are prepared in Russian and in English - you sign the documents being aware of what they are about.

Experience with foreign companies

We understand the specifics of foreign business and know how to explain you the peculiarities of work in the Republic of Belarus.

Our service will cost you:
Legal entities – from 300€ per month

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they trust us

Xenia Popova

Operations Director, ITBand

Our IT company is an HTP resident with 25 employees, develops its own products. We started cooperating with DSD since April 2018 on the recommendation of lawyers. At the moment, 4 years later, we are satisfied with our cooperation. DSD helped us to join the HTP, they respond to questions within a day, once a month they send a list of missing documents. I recommend them for their experience and promptness in their work.

Andrey Rumyantsev

Co-founder and CEO

I dream about "DSD" service available in all the countries where my companies are open. «DSD» team works simply in the best way, it is a pleasure to do business with them, and they have operative professional people working for their clients. It's a tremendous blessing for businesses to work with DSD. Judging from what I see in Poland, they are very much missed here. Tell me if, when and where you’ll open and we will be your clients in other countries as well.

Mikhail Bronov

Director «Zubrsoft» GGWP

We have an e-sports project with a team of 25 employees. With «DSD» we have been working since the beginning. We chose them on a recommendation and we were right, because it is hard to tell straight away whether the potential contractor has the right competencies. At the moment we have been working together for 3 years and I am completely satisfied with the work. The «DSD» team has corrected all minor errors without fines or mutual claims. Questions are always answered without long delays. In case of urgent question you can always call and get a quick answer.

Pavel Shpak

Individual Entepreneur

As an IE working in the IT field, I recently consulted with "DSD" on dealing with overseas customers and freelancing services. Specifically on working with Payoneer. The guys know everything, literally all the details. I was pleasantly surprised. The information in various sources is scattered. This issue is only partially covered everywhere. And there are contradictions somewhere. This company provided me with clear answers to all my questions, which arised after collecting the information. Everything was laid out clearly. And they even uncovered new points which I hadn't seen elsewhere. I will confidently follow their recommendations. And I advise their service to people and companies working in the IT sphere. It is still rare to find such a service in our country.

Alexei Sidorovich

CEO, Merkleon

We are an HTP resident. We develop internet auctions based on our own platform, as well as other trading platforms and marketplaces. We came to «DSD» on recommendation even before we became a resident. «DSD» accounting service helped us with everything, when we joined the HTP and the transition period was also smooth. We have been working with «DSD» since May 2018 and so far we are enjoying it, our volumes are being handled in the best way. I would especially like to mention DSD CEO Margarita Novoseltseva - a great expert in her business, as well as the coherence of her team's work.

Svyatoslav Kurilenko

CEO Stroykurs

After several years of working with a full-time accountant, it became necessary to dismiss him. I considered several accounting companies suggested by my acquaintances. In the end, I signed the contract with "DSD". At the moment I am very pleased with the cooperation. All questions and problems are quickly resolved. On their advice I switched to the simplified tax system and changed my bank, which enabled me to optimise my costs considerably. Now there are more than 30 people working in my company, and "DSD" takes care of all the accounting and personnel work.

Alexander Ogorodnikov


I love working with professionals. When issues, which take others months to resolve, are resolved in 10 minutes. When a person takes on a job with passion, not because he or she has to. When joint work is filled with inspiration rather than routine. Margarita Novoseltseva, thank you very much for your help. You are just such a professional, it is very valuable.

Ivan Marzan

CEO Captain Shaw

I would like to express our gratitude to DSD Accounting Company for the nerves and healthy sleep we saved. From the minute we started working with DSD, we stopped worrying about the accounting aspects of the company. Reports, taxes, the nuances of work with Apple, Google, and other IT-partners no longer bother us. Everything is very simple and convenient. Within five seconds, you write in the app about a money transfer, and the guys and girls at DSD do it all. It's especially nice that we are among the first to learn about all the new changes in taxes and laws.

Anna Ogorodnikova

Co-Founder & CEO PRSova

I am often asked to recommend a good accountant or an accounting company. Margarita Novoseltseva is someone whose opinion I always trust very much. I think she is the best IT accounting expert in our country. She is super-brainy, pedantic, professional and unrealistically clear. I recommend her 100%.


At DSD 3-4 Accountants provide services to 1 Customer.
Each of them is a professional in his or her field:

Liliana Lobach

Liliana Lobach

Human Resources Specialist

Tatsiana Maksimchuk

Tatsiana Maksimchuk


Olga Andronova

Olga Andronova


Anastasiya Tiupina

Anastasiya Tiupina


Maria Klimashonok

Maria Klimashonok

Customer Service Specialist

Kseniya Severin

Kseniya Severin

Payroll Accountant

Vladimir Novoseltsev

Vladimir Novoseltsev


Margarita Novoseltseva

Margarita Novoseltseva

Tax Consultant

Dzina Vasilevich

Dzina Vasilevich


Larisa Lair-Miliutina

Larisa Lair-Miliutina

Head of the Document Support Sector

Yuliya Kharitonik

Yuliya Kharitonik

Deputy Chief Accountant

Elena Yushkevich

Elena Yushkevich

Head of the Payments Department